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Unit Relocation

Removal & Install

BRTS® can take care of the total disassembly, relocation and reconstruction/recommissioning of turbines as part of any power plant relocation project.

Relocation and re-purposing of existing plants can be performed in a fraction of the time as well as cost it takes for OEMs to manufacture new equipment and install them, giving you a head start over your competitors as you inherit an operational plant faster and at a lower cost. BRTS® provides following services for removal and relocation projects.

Gas Turbine Removal & Relocation

Disassembly and safe stating interfacing systems at the existing site

Relocation/Transportation to repair shop for a complete overhaul or directly to new site for installation

Engineered solutions for retrofits/upgrades/performance enhancements

Efficiency and safety upgrades for control and monitoring systems and internal components

On-site construction, installation, and re-assembly

Startup and commissioning services

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