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Turbine Generator Maintenance | Turbine Generator Repair Company

BRTS® provides turbine generator maintenance and turbine generator repair services. We offer extensive tests and inspections of turbine generators and related equipment. As one of the long-standing turbine generator repair companies with 20 years of experience, BRTS® is a turbine generator maintenance company you can count on.


We offer extensive experience on a comprehensive range of tests and inspections of turbine generators and related equipment. With combined experience that encompasses all major OEM models, we are well equipped to test, diagnose, and assess the condition of your turbine generator, whether it is on-site in the field or at our facility.

turbine generator repair companies

Field Testing & Inspection

The goal of our team is to compile the results and propose recommendations from a series of methodical and standards tests that help you make data-driven decisions about the necessity and priority of repairs, which can be used when planning and scheduling for outages and generator repairs. It will also help you evaluate the condition of your equipment in order to determine if replacement or upgrades are necessary. If you are searching for turbine generator repair companies, look no further. Let us handle all your maintenance needs with precision and expertise.

Some of our generator testing and inspection services include:

RTD resistance testing with temperature conversion

Insulation resistance/Megger with Polarization Index (P.I.)

Impedance testing of the field

Copper resistance with temperature conversion to factory test temperature

Copper resistance of stator 3 phases converted to factory test temperature

Megger of stator 3 phases with P.I. as per IEEE Std 43

Visual inspection of all accessible areas

IR/Thermal Imaging

Pressure/Vacuum Testing

El Cid Testing

AC/DC Leakage and Hi-Pot Testing

Capacitance Mapping

Repetitive Surge Oscilloscope (RSO) Testing

Bearing journal inspection for surface and dimensional properties

Inspection and testing of generator excitor; bearing sleeves and oil seals

Inspection of cage, laminations, stator core, bus bar, terminals and interior surfaces

Repair & Service Solutions

We offer a wide range standard of generator repairs and servicing as well. If warranted, based on inspection results, we can provide the following:

Rotor rewind; ring removal/replacement (copper rewinding, ring removal/replacement)

End winding repairs

Stator rewind including core stacking, if required

Cleaning (e.g. Dry ice blasting)

Generator dismantling, inspection, and reassembly

Generator turbine alignment

Controls, protection inspection, and upgrade

End bell and wedge inspection

Condition monitoring

El Cid Testing

Overspeed, dynamic and operational speed balancing and testing

Inspect stator cooling mechanism/heat exchanger

Turbine Generator Maintenance

We work with you to find the best possible service solution for your generator. Our field services include:

Generator assessment/evaluation

Turnkey dismantling, rewinding and assembly/disassembly

Dry ice cleaning and other alternative cleaning methods

Turbine Generator Repair Company You can Trust

Need turbine generator repair companies? Trust our experienced team to provide top-notch service and ensure optimal performance.

Ensure peak performance with expert turbine generator maintenance services. Trust us to keep your turbines running smoothly. If you have any questions or would like to inquire about our services give us a call toll-free at 832.640.7429.

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