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Compressor Service

As one of the premier installations, maintenance and overhauling contractors for turbomachinery services, we are uniquely qualified to handle your turbine compressor maintenance and inspection needs. Our seasoned BRTS® Field Service Technicians have the experience, skills and resources to perform stringent inspections and generate innovative maintenance recommendations to ensure optimum performance and reduce future risk of costly repairs and downtime. 


Inspection & Assessment

We deliver major cost benefits with integrated solutions for all components of the turbo-compressor train. Maintenance and inspection of compressor trains on regular intervals is a key preventive maintenance practice because damage to the compressor blades can ultimately lead to a total equipment failure. Much of the damage to the blades arises from foreign material (e.g. dirt, oil, soot) ingress drawn in through the air intakes, and causing their build up to form a coating on the casing, vanes, and compressor blades. Accumulation of this dirt on the, especially on the compressor blades, reduces the aerodynamic efficiency and compression ratio with resultant deterioration in performance and efficiency eventual loss in your company’s bottom line. The condition can be remedied by periodic inspection, cleaning, and repair of compressor components including the casing, vanes and impellers.

Disassembly & Clean

Fouling and hydrocarbon buildup can dramatically impact the performance of especially gas turbine compressors and reduce their efficiency. BRTS® offers highly effective chemical cleaning processes that eliminate the need for costly labor and time required by traditional and outdated manual techniques.

The best time to clean the turbine compressor, historically, has generally been during routine turbine disassembly for a hot gas path inspection or a major overhaul. However, BRTS® has successfully cleaned gas turbine driven compressors fully assembled in place to remove heavy buildups and restore the efficiency of the turbine until a hot gas path or major turbine maintenance outage is scheduled.


BRTS® offers complete maintenance, repair and overhaul for Turbo Compressors. As your partner for flexible repair solutions with a short lead-time, we can perform advanced repair methods on your turbine compressors, in our well-equipped turbomachinery workshops.

Repair services supported by BRTS® include:


Shaft and gas path coating (wax, water, polymer, durplast, etc.)

NDT (liquid/dye penetration, magnetic particle, etc.)

Blade repair and blending/stoning, depending on the extent of damage

Erosion repair by Laser welding

Rotor and Stator Re-blading

Rotor inspection & repair

Component manufacturing / spare parts

Split surface flatness repair

Rotor balancing

Replacement parts

Following our inspection and assessment, if in-situ repair or blending of existing parts is not deemed practical, BRTS® offers replacement parts for Inlet Guide Vanes (IGVs) to Exit Guide Vanes (EGVs) and everything in between for required repair work including:



IGVs and EGVs

Shaft and shaft components


Seals and gaskets

Hardware and fasteners

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