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Parts Procurement

Installation & Repairs

Whether it's a planned outage or an emergent equipment failure, BRTS® has the knowledge and expertise to quickly source new or refurbished parts per your QA/QC requirements. We have also strategically aligned our company with reliable manufacturing facilities worldwide that are capable of reverse engineering just about any part that is needed to get your units up and running safely and reliably. Our commitment extends into every aspect of your service needs; maximize your uptime by minimizing your downtime.

While our repair processes focus on equipment life extension, some parts must be preventively or reactively replaced in order to restore equipment functionality or improve reliability. We have the capability to incorporate improvements to the original design based on our technical expertise and your specific needs.


Spare Parts

Strategic spare parts management also contributes to significant long-term cost reductions in the procurement of steam and gas turbine spare parts by taking more effective and proactive procurement planning and inventory management decisions regarding:

Purchasing of internal (intrusive maintenance) and external (non-intrusive maintenance) gas turbine spare parts;

Purchasing of highly critical, medium critical & non critical parts;

Required origin and the required condition of spare parts;

QA/QC standards and requirements depending on the part criticality;

On-hand requirements and automatic re-order points

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