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Turnkey Field Service

From routine maintenance, installation and startup/run-up assistance to planned outage maintenance, complex modifications and emergency breakdown services, our talented team of engineers, millwrights, mechanics, technicians and project managers at Blade Runner Turbomachinery Services (BRTS®) are here to provide your plant with prompt, single-source turbomachinery services, no matter where you are located across the country.


Inspection & Assessment

Through our nation-wide trusted service partners, a team of highly specialized personnel can travel to your plant for on-site comprehensive inspection, assessment and diagnostic services that provides a collaborative, data-driven analysis of your turbomachinery equipment.

We understand that the performance of your turbomachinery directly impacts your organization’s bottom line and our team ensures that you are aware of your equipment’s health parameters and know where it is underperforming and what the deficiencies are.

System Recommendations

If a deviation is detected from design specification or performance objectives, BRTS® has the resources to perform a full assessment to diagnose the root causes behind the symptoms and recommend recurrence control corrective actions ranging from operational improvements to maintenance strategy initiatives or even modifications, if absolutely needed. The ultimate objective of our comprehensive data-driven assessment and proactive approach to repairs is the mitigation of risk associated with future unplanned/forced outages.

Our service partner and BRTS® will communicate the findings to you through a written report with recommendations on what improvements are achievable in terms of reliability, efficiency and emissions profile. We will then work with you to collaboratively discuss the solutions to arrive at intelligent data-driven decision points to address equipment safety, reliability, performance and life-cycle and aging component management.

Planning & Scheduling

Our forward-looking approach to maintenance allows us to plan ahead on service appointments to guarantee minimum service interruptions and minimal impact on your project critical path – which means significant resource savings for you.

BRTS® will work with your plant’s operations, maintenance and work management teams to understand the available maintenance and outage execution windows and any work protection (lock out tag out), training and safety requirements.


Additionally, we can support your outage planning if your turbomachinery repair sits on the critical path on the outage execution timeline. We understand that all these variables can be very different depending on the industry, location and operation phase of each plant, and therefore we offer great flexibility and understanding from our end to help accommodate and plan for all those factors.

Depending on the project scale and reporting requirements, our team can develop Level 1 to Level 5 master schedules to track the project progress through to closeout and report to your plant at regular intervals, as required.

BRTS® staffs each project team with the adequate number of technical directors, project managers, supervisors, foremen, mechanics, and technicians to best meet each customer’s scope and timeline.

Reverse Engineering

We understand that critical parts obsolescence and long OEM vendor lead times often require us to be creative in sourcing parts. Fast turnaround of a reverse-engineered part or assembly for operation resumption is also a key requirement when production is waiting on the replacement work. BRTS® has the technical know-how and the depth of experience to reverse engineer components and assemblies either from detailed production drawings, or by obtaining measurements from existing spares.

Quite often, an obsolete component can be further improved when being replaced. Engineered upgrades are typically designed for greater capacity and improved efficiency leveraging improvements in advanced manufacturing processes as well as incorporating prior operating experience and lessons learned.  

Start Up & Commissioning

BRTS® can provide field support throughout your plant run-up/start-up activities following a planned outage or commissioning of a new system.  The ability to troubleshoot unforeseen and complex issues is essential to any commissioning and start-up effort. BRTS® has a demonstrated ability to quickly and accurately troubleshoot a wide range of issues through the application of first principles, vibrations theory, performance modeling and years of specialized experience.

Emergency Breakdown Services

We understand what it means for a business when critical production equipment failures occur. We know it is crucial that your equipment is returned to service in a safe and reliable state to support your plant’s operations. Our field service team has vast experience across a broad range of brands and types of turbomachinery, generators, and control systems while our streamlined supply chain supports you with the required parts and consumables throughout the engagement process.

You can rely on BRTS®’s immediate 24-hour mobilization and response to any unforeseen maintenance requirements, and we will be there to support you starting from troubleshooting to corrective action through to post maintenance testing. You can find our contact information on the header and footer of this website.


We only use OEM-approved parts for service and complete all the required maintenance and testing providing a 1-year end-to-end warranty on all installed parts and services.

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